Brave New World

This page is dedicated to all the things in the world that are coming to fruition as part of the Fabian Society plan that is outlined in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World

Theresa May told that pedophiles should be allowed to adopt children:

Electronic tattoos:

Mandatory gender neutral pronouns:

Parents no longer needed:

Canada adds “x” as a gender on passports:


Transgender studies for the Navy:

Teach young children to masturbate:

Gender confusion:

Controlled travel:

Mother and son in love:

Normalizing pedophilia:

Gene editing:

The state owns your DNA:

Want to be taller?

Gender studies for Kindergartners:

Newsflash, men can’t have babies:

Pick your own grades:

Anything goes:

These are closer to being from This Perfect Day but dystopic nonetheless:

Sex with humans no longer necessary:

Death education with a drag queen:

Feelies Friendly:

Against the scientific fact that there are only two genders:

Teaching 11 year olds about transsexual surgery:

Boys can have periods too: