The remaining members at the Oregon Malheur Refuge were on a live stream video at Defend Your Base channel and asked to sign some talent release forms. One of them immediately runs to the feed and cuts it off. This has all the earmarks of a government PSYOPS to bend the public opinion against militias and the 2nd Amendment. There is another video of them hanging out by a fire drinking beer and smoking marijuana. That doesn’t sound like well trained disciplined freedom fighters on any level. There is another video of one of the “militia” who is screaming at the camera like a wild man to call his militia brothers to help come and defend with them. In another video on of the members comes and claims that Navy Seals are being airdropped in to come and help them. Nothing coming out of this story at this point has any validation and all organizations have called it off including OathKeepers and the Pacific Patriots Network

“artist release” at 45:00

Drinking Beer and Smoking Marijuana:

Paid actor?:

Navy Seals on the way?:

Oathkeepers press release:

Pacific Patriots Network press release: