Imagine if any other group of people did this. Imagine if a white group of people said that they want their own country because blacks are so racist. Imagine if they also said that blacks shouldn’t be allowed passports because they have done enough damage and should be forced to stay in America. It is doubtful that Vice would do a nice promotional show about that with some soothing music in the background. This is the very definition of a racist hate group yet they somehow get a pass from Vice. The irony is that the lead woman of this racist cult left the U.S. while Obama was president in 2014 because she lost her job as a healthcare facilitator after Obamacare was passed. These women are nothing but victims of the media trying to convince them that they are surrounded by white hooded klansmen at all times and don’t even see that they are the ones who are being racist. Even if they are feeling discriminated against somehow the answer is not to return the discrimination. Two wrongs still don’t make a right.