On November 24th, 2014 Sony Pictures Entertainment had a cache of emails and personal information released to the public by a group calling themselves the “Guardians of Peace”. Their moniker was conveniently shortened to “GOP”.

This is nothing more than a psychological warfare operation stunt being carried out by the very people who want to enact more control over the internet and blame North Korea at the same time. First they summoned up the 9-11 attacks to strike fear into the American public and get the war machine rolling. It didn’t take long for neocon Newt Gingrich to chime in and say “America has lost its first cyberwar”. What a ridiculous statement. Should we send in the cyber army to attack?

There are several other red flags that this was staged. First, George Clooney and Angelina Jolie are both involved. They are both members of the Council on Foreign Relations and the poster children for world government under the control of the UN. The Council on Foreign Relations is a “think tank” that was founded in 1921 and has a mission of steering US policy towards global government. It is a who’s who of the false left – right paradigm which has members ranging from Presidents, news anchors, Supreme Court Justices, generals, actors, bankers and more. The current president of the CFR is Richard Haass. Haass is a Rhodes Scholar which means he falls in a long line of people such as General Wesley Clark, Rachel Maddow, Susan Rice, Franklin Raines, and Bill Clinton recruited to turn over American sovereignty. This is his latest article involving the “Korean” hack on Sony. It is highly predictable:


As for Clooney and Jolie, they are just the public pretty face to the CFR. Remember Clooney whining about Darfur? He has enough wealth to arm the people in peril there but will that ever happen? Here’s a staged photo op of Jolie and Amy Pascal just days after it was revealed Pascal called Jolie a “minimally talented spoiled brat”. What a joke.


Another red flag on this story is that it was revealed that the State Department approved the ending. What? Since when is the State Dept involved in Hollywood films? Oh yeah, since about World War II when they started churning out propaganda films.  Not to mention the obvious overtone of the story of the film “The Interview” that has two journalists covertly join the CIA and go to a foreign country to assassinate their leader. Operation Mockingbird comes to mind immediately. Even the Hollywood Reporter has come out and said it was an inside job at Sony.

It also bears mentioning that Sony Entertainment hasn’t been performing very well lately but the forecast is good as one analyst sees it and there is no such thing as bad press. Now the film will be released in limited theaters and in some digital format. Look at how much free marketing Sony just got for what is probably another lousy film.

Sony stock chart as of 12-24-14


The next step in this script will to be calls for internet security all conveniently wrapped up in the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty being drawn up and deliberated in secret. Even though SOPA,  PIPA and COICA have all been defeated, the actors behind this legislation will stop at nothing to continue to control the internet. Aaron Swartz tried to fight them and then he mysteriously hung himself.  But that is no wonder with the history of Gary Webb, Michael Hastings, or Philip Marshall.

There will also be more calls to do something about North Korea even though no evidence has been given to support them as a culprit. Let’s not forget the FBI’s track record at creating terrorism. Let’s hope the public starts waking up to these transparent plots to destroy what’s left of our liberty.