There has been no evidence released that Assad was definitely the one who used chemical weapons in Syria. There are plenty of signs however pointing the finger at his enemies using it in order to drag the US into a broader war against him for “regime change” which the war hawks and neocons have been calling for. Here are several articles pointing out how important it is to actually have an independent investigation to make sure we find the guilty party BEFORE we start murdering people on foreign soil. Clearly Trump’s “America First” slogan was nothing but lip service to gain votes as he is now delivering Hillary Clinton’s and the rest of the neocons plans to attack Syria.

At the top of the list is the neocon Elliott Abrams who was a signer of the 2000 Project for a New American Century, and was convicted then pardoned for the Iran Contra Affair,  writing for what should be called Neocon News but is officially called The Weekly Standard. These “Never Trump” people suddenly think he is the greatest thing on earth now that he is doing their bidding.

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