On October 18th, 2020 our Twitter account posted the following video:

This is the same video in case YouTube removes and censors the video which they frequently do:

After posting this video, our account was either reported and then locked or their algorithm triggered the lock out. They gave the following reason for our account being locked:

Here is the screenshot showing the video URL and the demand that we remove the tweet in order to return to Twitter:
So we attempted to appeal this violation. We sent them several emails which they still have not responded to. So we can only assume that they agree that Joe Biden is inappropriately touching children and is involved in sexual child exploitation.  We have since removed the tweet not to agree with Twitter’s unConstitutional censoring but in order to share this story before the election. Twitter is openly calling Joe Biden a child sexual exploiter. Here is a link to the Twitter Child Sexual Exploitation Policy so you can see for yourself what they think Joe Biden is engaged in:


Here are some screenshots of our emails that Twitter never responded to: