The political tide at Fox News has recently turned dramatically towards a leftist ideology. They have arguably had a leftist neocon tilt for decades but now they are openly going left. It is no longer acceptable to criticize George Soros for any reason on their network. Of course the usual predictable accusations of “anti-semite” etc. come along with any criticism of this man who is openly funding the leftist attacks on our Republic. Criticizing a man for what he is doing does not make anyone a racist. We had to listen to this same nonsense during the Obama years. If you disagreed with what he was doing, they claimed and still claim that you must be a racist. It’s the oldest Trotsky tactic in the book. Accuse your enemies of being racist so they are forced to defend themselves and end up looking guilty somehow in the process. It is one of the most intellectually lazy curses in political history.

Here is Harris Faulkner cutting off former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich for mentioning George Soros:

Here is her ridiculous “sorry, not sorry” apology:

Here is Laura Ingraham stuttering when Sidney Powell ties George Soros to the Dominion voting machine conspiracy in the 2020 election:

Here is the 60 Minutes interview with George Soros where he outlines his time as a child in Nazi occupied Hungary:

Fox also doesn’t care for any critical talk about Big Pharma especially with regard to the upcoming Covid-19 vaccinations. It is an obvious hat tip to their Big Pharma sponsors who fund their version of the “news”. Don’t forget every time they cut to commercial it’s mostly “Have you asked your doctor about _____?”  Most people don’t make the connection that when your sponsor is a pharmaceutical company then you are not allowed to criticize the pharmaceutical company. It seems obvious but it is no longer journalism when there are paid sponsors who may be committing crimes and frauds and they have paid for your media silence. As Tacitus said, “If you would know who controls you see who you may not criticize.”

Here is Kennedy lying and saying that pharmaceutical companies have liability when they injure people with vaccines. The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Act gave pharmaceutical companies legal immunity against lawsuits for damage done by their vaccines. Robert F Kennedy is attempting to correct her on this and she shouts him down:

Fox has also dipped it’s toes into the political theater of pretending they have the authority to determine the outcome of an election. They do not. They are involved in what appears to be a criminal racketeering plot among all the main stream networks to sway the public’s opinion in the 2020 election which has not yet been determined. They along with others outrageously called states in favor of Biden way before they were decided yet hesitated at length to call states for Trump that he had obviously won. This is extremely dangerous to our Republic and our legal process. It is dangerous and irresponsible because the TV head culture of America who think Biden has won will explode in violence and outrage if it is determined that Trump won. The media will be complicit in the outcome of that violence because they have devolved into nothing but a corporate propaganda tool of the left.

Here is Neil Cavuto cutting of the White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany because he doesn’t agree with her:

Here is Sandra Smith upset because she believes Fox has the power to call an election outcome:

Here is Sandra Smith predictably trying to tell you that what you saw is not what you saw: